Post Doc Researcher

Post Doctor

Guanhong Miao

I am Guanhong Miao, a postdoc associate in the Department of Biostatistics. Supervised by Dr. Zhao, I am currently working on lipidomics study and applying statistical methods to investigate the associations between lipidomics and cardiovascular-related diseases. My research interest is to apply statistical methodology to discover disease mechanisms behind the data and investigate efficient privacy preserving techniques for future collaborations while protecting data confidentiality. In my free time, I like to go hiking.

Guanhong Mia


Cheng Gao

I am Cheng Gao, a postdoc associate under the supervision of Professor Jinying Zhao. My research interest is developing novel statistical methods and computational tools to address scientific problems arising from genetic studies such as GWAS and eQTL mapping. I am also interested in machine learning, deep learning and their applications to biomedical field. In my free time, I enjoy reading Chinese classical literatures (poems, history, philosophy), appreciating music and taking a walk.

Gao cheng


Helena Palma Gudiel

My name is Helena Palma Gudiel, I am from Spain. During my PhD program, I focused on the epigenetic underpinnings of psychiatric endophenotypes and exposure to early stress by means of two independent cohorts of monozygotic twins. Currently, I conduct multi-omics analyses in relation to a wide variety of complex traits and disorders. I am particularly interested in gaining a better understanding of the role and significance of DNA methylation marks and their potential use as biomarkers of health and disease. In my free time, I love to travel, read comics, and marvel at Florida's wildlife.


Post doctor

Tao Xu

My name is Tao Xu, a postdoc under the supervision of Dr. Jinying Zhao. My research interest lies in the intersection of artificial intelligence, genetics, and causal inference. Specifically, I am currently working on developing new statistical tools to estimate high-dimensional causal graphs and its application to analysis of human genetics and drug discovery. Since COVID-19 emerged, I have also explored deep learning and its potential in improving surveillance and prediction of a pandemic. My free time is split between weightlifting, poker, and music.